Review on BlackBud

From the moment BlackBud walk out on stage it is immediately clear that they are young (only seventeen/eighteen), raw and very eager to perform. Their individual talent is striking from the outset and crowds are whipped into a jumping frenzy when the young rockers show off their extraordinary ability in a series of drum, bass and guitar solos.

Everything about the lead singer takes you back in time, to when Hendrix and Clapton ruled the world. His soft, graceful vocals glide over traditional lyrics of train stations and being set free and his relentless overuse of string-bending sends your ears sailing back to the 'good old days' of the blues. The band is an exciting mix of old and new, with DJ scratching and lightning quick Hendrix and Marley covers accompanying long funky bass solos and traditional lyrics. What might just make BlackBud special are their own songs, which strike you as having the potential to sound just as eclectic and uplifting on the radio as they do live.

With slots at next years Glastonbury Festival already booked and a film crew following the bands progress for a proposed documentary sometime soon, BlackBud are a band with everything going their way.

Theo Berry, Decode Magazine, Bristol and Bath, issue 9, Sept 2003

A band who have a wide music audience meanwhile are three piece Blackbud - the musical equivalent of a sunny day in heaven. Mixing together Reggae, Blues and Hendrix-style rock, Blackbud cannot be faulted. Showing their love for Hendrix with a cover of ‘Here a train my coming’ they blissfully took me back to the 1960’s, when music had passion and feeling through good vibes. With the song ‘Funktastic’, the title says it all basically.

Bassist Adam Newton, Guitarist/Singer Joe Taylor and Drummer Sam Nadel are all immensely talented to the point of amazement, and showed off their talents through solos. Listening to their music puts you in a sort of happy daze, where you can lay back and feel happy with the world. And how many things can do that to you? With major demand for gigs over the summer, there is no excuse not to go see them. Highlight of the set was the first track of their E.P, called ‘Do Ya Know’ which showed that Joe Taylor has a truly wonderful voice. Ending with a standing ovation from the packed crowd, and mass sales of their great CD (Review on the way) the band are obviously going places, reflected by the request for autographs afterwards by parents and young children.


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