Review on Grumpy Old Blokes

Grumpy review of Paignton Rugby Club 3/4/04

It was a wet and windy Saturday night. The sort of night you want to stay in and watch Casualty on the telly.

Well I'm glad I made the effort to go out to the Rugby Club, as the GOB's were great. With the first song 'Grumpy Old Song', written by the band, they had people up dancing. They continued their first set, finishing with 'Feel Like Making Love'.

The second set began with a lovely mellow rendition of 'Summertime'. This then went into a great session of lots of well-known songs. By the time the Band played its medley of Elvis songs it seemed as though the whole club was up dancing. The band was so good they had to do two encores, the audience
wanted more but as the old adage goes 'leave them wanting more'.


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