A to Z listing - Now Showing Wales
There are currently 76 bands based in Wales
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Ramones Clones   email photos aberdovey, Wales
Star Of 59   email website photos Chepstow, Wales
20ft Ninjaemail website Bangor, Wales
21againstemail website Llanelli, Wales
9xdeademail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
A Fine Day To Exitemail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
A New Dayemail website photos llantwit major, Wales
Anna-oemail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
Apolicaemail website neath, Wales
At Gunpoint Dsicoemail website swansea, Wales
Black Handemail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
Bliszkoemail website Cardiff, Wales
Confession Boxemail website Rhyl - Prestatyn, Wales
Cut To The Chaseemail website Cardiff, Wales
Debaseremail website ee, Wales
Dirty Bobemail Edwardsville, Wales
Dressed Nakedemail website photos Rhyl, Wales
Dropped Youngemail website Rhyl, Wales
Echomindemail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
Emaniaemail Cardiff, Wales
Episode 3email Newport, Wales
Episode 3email Newport, Wales
Episode 3email Newport, Wales
Ethergyemail website photos rhyl, Wales
Favored Nationemail website Phoenix, Wales
Flailing Wailemail website Porth, Wales
Flatlineemail photos Powys, Wales
Forward Fallingemail website photos Port Talbot, Wales
Guerrilla Monsoonemail website Bonvilston, Wales
Haemasonicemail website Anglesey, Wales
Hazzardemail Wrexham, Wales
I.demail Barry, Wales
Illegal Accusationsemail website photos carmarthen, Wales
Impaled Existenceemail website Rhyl, Wales
Interstateemail website Pontypridd, Wales
Interstateemail website photos Blackwood, Wales
Johnny Narcissistemail website photos Cardiff, Wales
Johnny Wishbone & The Voodoo Starfishemail website photos Llanelli, Wales
Jon And Steves Bandemail website swansea, Wales
Jonahemail website photos Cardiff, Wales
Kaldemail website CARDIGAN, Wales
Keltech And Johnny Bemail website Cardiff, Wales
Little Unknownemail website photos Cwmbran, Wales
Meanstreakemail website Swansea, Wales
Mid Life Crisisemail website denbighshire, Wales
Molotov Cocktail Partyemail website Caerphilly, Wales
Monster Handemail website photos Newport, Wales
Oldscoolemail website photos Arvada, Wales
Opiumemail website Holyhead, Wales
Panik Attackemail 567, Wales
Part Iii: The Onslaughtemail website photos Aberystwyth, Wales
Phobia-kdtemail website tredegar, Wales
Primeemail website Swansea, Wales
Rebel Stigmataemail London, Wales
Resonanceemail website photos Chepstow, Wales
Retrostoneemail website photos Neath, Wales
Rise In Our Timeemail website Newport, Wales
Rise In Our Timeemail website Newport, Wales
Seclusion Overnightemail website photos newport, Wales
Skelteremail website photos Bridgend, Wales
Stormy Mondayemail website Caernarfon, Wales
Straw Dogsemail website MONMOUTH, Wales
Stripped Promotionsemail website Newport, Wales
The Beehive Projectemail website Bagillt, Wales
The Fondasemail website Cwmbran, Wales
The Germ Corporationemail website photos Caerphilly, Wales
The Needemail website Swansea, Wales
The Oratoriosemail website Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
The Smiffsemail website photos Barry, Wales
The Swillersemail website Llangollen, Wales
Trydanemail website photos llandeilo, Wales
Turbo Shandyemail website photos Llanelli, Wales
Volatileemail website Swansea, Wales
Winemail website photos Newport, Wales
Wolf Man Jackemail MONMOUTH, Wales
Xms3email website photos Flintshire, Wales