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The Poodles of Doom
From Bristol in Avon

The Poodles of Doom are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Blues, Rock, Rythm and Blues. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

Contact:~ Jon.Gould
Telephone:~ 07830238477
Email:~ pod@ehand.co.uk
Website:~ http://www.myspace.com/poodlesofdoom
Comments:~ The Poodles of Doom is a Bristol-based pub-rock trio playing high-energy, high-fun music. We have years of experience (including professional) but retain the sense of excitement, fun and passion for real music and are dedicated to putting on a great show for the punters.

As Jon plays guitar and keyboards (but not usually at the same time) the band can switch between a guitar trio and an organ/piano trio. Material and influences come from the likes of Dr Feelgood, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher and Brian Auger, but our lineup and approach to music give us a unique combination of sounds, which is great as we’re not trying to sound like anyone else! We are also currently working on original material.

We play with a combination of energy, musicality, rawness and professionalism – quite a challenge! We are dedicated to playing music that has a real impact on the audience and also getting them to join in by dancing and singing along.

We ramp the energy right up, play things in our own style and blast it out at the audience to really shake them up and get them rocking! We don’t mess about with endless fumbling around on stage, boring monologues between songs, an hour long break at the bar between sets and definitely don’t lay back and play gentle background music. We DO hit the audience with track after track of relentless, pure music power to deliver an unforgettable experience!

Jon Gould - vocals, guitar, organ

Jon is a multi-instrumentalist, still trying to get the hang of one of them. Previous bands include the Relics (Cheltenham rock covers band), the Otis Mack Band (blues/soul), the Orange Show (improvised fruit rock) and Mart Connor's Carrot Crunchers. Jon usually plays a G&L Tribute ASAT through a Hiwatt amp and cab or a Nord Stage Compact keyboard.

Mike Dixon - bass, vocals

Mike is a rock solid bass player with vast experience in different genres and has been a professional musician. Previous bands include Baton Rouge (70s semi-prog rock band), Cracked Mirror (no holds barred rock-blues), the Blues Devils and Mart Connor's Carrot Crunchers. Mike plays a Fender Jazz bass through an Ashdown rig.

Paul Barrett - drums, vocals

Paul is a powerful and skilful drummer with professional experience. Previous bands include Slaughterhouse 5 (classic songs such as "Bend over baby and I'll drive you home"), The Shrinking Spires (New Romantic Punk), John O'Hara and the Playboys, Still Life (signed to RCA), The Cigarettes, Mental Health, The Motivators, Def Shepperd (Irish ceilidh), The Walter Harpman Band (UK blues), SOB, Pete Farina Nightcrawlers and the Bamboo Beat Band.  
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