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Us ... not Them
From Sheerness in Kent

Us ... not Them are a Professional Band - Playing Rock, Tribute. They have 6 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Saxaphone

Contact:~ Robert.Gerrard
Telephone:~ 01795 877577
Email:~ floyd@usnotthem.co.uk
Website:~ http://www.usnotthem.co.uk
Comments:~ Us ... not Them is now the best Kent based Pink Floyd tribute - its official from the fans. This six piece outfit performs a two hour set of classic Floyd, with supreme accuracy.

Every part is accurate, every vocal harmony is present, every nuance of the guitar work of David Gilmour (yes, even his whammy bar technique), every Drum fill, every Keyboard texture, and every sound effect is faithfully played live to ensure no-one missed their favourite Floydism.

Paul Luckhurst performs lead vocals, having moved onward and upwards from his last Pink Floyd band (Pink Side of the Moon). His voice has that special David Gilmour edge, morphing easily into the style of Roger Waters when required.

Robert Gerrard provides Gilmour guitar work. His uncannily accurate mimickry of the Gilmour sound and playing style is astounding. Lots of tribute players can play the notes, but few understand the feel like Robert does - shut your eyes, and its Gilmour. By the way, he also plays second keyboard when needed!

Peter Spokes provides the Snowy White / Tim Renwick work on second guitar. Pete knows the Floyd repertoire backwards. All of it. As an authority on every recording of Floyd you'll ever find, official or bootlegged, he knows EXACTLY what is accurate Floyd and what is not.

Rudyard Burley is another Floyd fanatic on Bass. Solid, accurate, and highly experienced, Rudyard makes it look so easy... which it ain't. Roger Waters had a unique feel, Guy Pratt took over and added more funk - and Rudyard copies them both to perfection.

Finally, but not least - Duraid Alkazraji, hailing from Newcastle, is a Drummer with a difference. He's a phenomenal musician, handling percussion and sound effects as well as Drums, all with complete reliable accuracy. Awesome.

You've just GOT to choose Us ... not Them for an event. If you get the chance, go see them. You'll be blown away by the sound, the performance, the lights, the whole experience. Quotes from fans:

"Wow, Paul... you've really surpassed yourself now. This band is fanTAStic, and you sound better than ever" Trevor

"I'm stunned. I want to invest in your show" Lee Rough

"Rob, I thought it was Gilmour up there" Andrew Deeley

"I've heard Floyd tributes before, but this is another level. You could be the best in the UK" Bob Heasman  
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