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The Shryne
From bridport in Dorset

The Shryne are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 5 members which consists of

Contact:~ lea.james
Telephone:~ 01308427608
Email:~ theshryne@btinternet.com
Website:~ http://uk.geocities.com/theshryne@btinternet.com/
Comments:~ The Shryne
A recipe for rock soup

Take one very enthusiastic guitarist (preferably one that has been sitting around playing the blues for too long)
A smidgen of cupboard Tasmanian devil (on a warlock)
Lashings of classic sweetness in an egotistical grinder (with a SM58)

Simmer in a vat of grand ideas and boot stomping tunes.
And bring to boiling point.

Then add the beets and textures of an herby drummer and add a pinch of pounding under currants.
Place to one side for a few moments.

Gently infuse the whole mixture with a backbeat of heady spices and a cocktail of rhythm. Stew together and cook on gas mark Rock for at least too long it hurts.
Serve whilst hot!

Doesn’t that taste good?

Demo cd available

Playing live at The masonic hall bridport dorset.
Saturday 2nd july  
If the audio track does not start playing automatically then click on the link below
AUDIO FILES The_Shryne_1.wma  |  The_Shryne_2.wma  |  The_Shryne_3.wma
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