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From Poole in Dorset

Monotype are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Justin.Young
Telephone:~ 07779159947
Email:~ mono_type2004@yahoo.co.uk
Website:~ www.monotype.org
Comments:~ We are an alternative Hip-Hop metal band from Bournemouth. The band consists of Terry on guitar, Aaron on bass, Mikey D on vocals and Justin on drums.

We are always on the look out for bands and venues to play with and we always give the best live performance we can.

At the recent Emergenza Music Festival we made it all the way to the regional Finals where we were unfortunately knocked out.

We've just finished our new EP which is available upon request and we also have a couple of the new tracks on our website. We have a one of a kind sound which we so far have not found anyone similar to. Monotype bring a whole new presence to a gig.

Please read the following review from Holly Weaver at Kaleidoscope Promotions:
'Quite often the Kaleidoscope team have to venture out to various music venues to keep our 'finger on the pulse' of the signed & unsigned scenes Most of the time we listen to bands who are run-of-the-mill and very disinteresting, It's only once in every while that you come across a shining potential. Hence, Monotype are clearly one of those shining potentials. All the threads of an excellent band are hanging from this group and it's now just a matter of connecting these threads within the high profile music industry to make a career for themselves. The band are a true phenomenon - creative, tight, infectious and seeping fury. The lead singer is a catch and a half - a real star in the making. Monotype are one of Kaleidoscope's favorites and we are proud to be working with such fine musicians'
Rating *****
By Holly Weaver
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