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From Dartford in Kent

Ruff-Justice are a Semi-Professional Band - Playing Blues, Rock, Rythm and Blues. They have 5 members which consists of

Contact:~ John.Masters
Telephone:~ 07989593437
Email:~ john@ruff-justice.co.uk
Website:~ http://ruff-justice.co.uk
Comments:~ Five piece band performing covers of artists including Joe Cocker, Robben Ford, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Cream, Lenny Kravitz, ToTo, Police (Some covers you'll know others you may not have heard for some time). Hailing from the North Kent/Maidstone area and available for bookings in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex area. All members experienced players and the band give 100% every performance.

From all our recent appearances we have had nothing but excellent reviews with return work starting to roll in, we must be doing something right!!
If interested have a listen to the samples on this page, they were recorded in one take with a live setup to give you an idea of our live sound, or email for demo CD of the full versions and set list. Look forward to hearing from you. Go on, get us to your venue you won't be disappointed...



Review by members of "Headlong" from our recent gig at the Wheatsheaf Farnham quote "the excellent Ruff Justice with their superb set of rock and blues covers. (Must be something about NW Kent and the Medway Towns that produces bands like this)"


Visit OLD BLUE MOSE's site for a quick review of "Ruff Justice". www.oldbluemoses.info

Recently Featured on KFOK Radio California USA, and due to be played in Colorado USA.
Sevarl Dates lined up for 2006 in California.  
If the audio track does not start playing automatically then click on the link below
AUDIO FILES HelpThePoor.wma  |  Josie.wma  |  AlwaysOnTheRun.wma
Review On Ruff-Justice : I saw Ruff Justice at the Bat and Ball near Farnham on 29th August.

They played an eclectic range of material ranging from the sophisticated harmonies of Steely Dan's Josie', to straight forward blues rock like 'Further on Up the Road' and more contemparary material like Lenny Kravitz.

The band had a professional attitude, without ever taking themselves too seriously, particularly the lead guitarist who had a noteable taste in awful jokes, which you couldn't help but laugh at.

All in all it was a very good evening, well worth propping the bar up for.

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