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Blazin' Fiddles
From Near Driffield in East Yorkshire

Blazin' Fiddles are a Professional Band - Playing  . They have 7 members which consists of Vocals, Strings

Contact:~ Chris.Wade
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Take five of the hottest young contemporary fiddle players from the various regions of the highlands and islands of Scotland and you've got Blazin' Fiddles on your hands. In an age when music becomes more and more homogenised through globalisation, the members of Blazin' Fiddles 'fire on' to keep alive the unique styles from their respective regions. During the performance, the audience has a rare opportunity to hear solo spots featuring the regional styles of each fiddler followed by all hands jumping in for a wonderful explosion of music. Fiddles and bows blaze away with one of the most exciting and memorable fiddle ensembles ever to take the stage.

In the past decade no other band has quite captured the excitement, passion and the sensitivity of Scottish music as Blazin' Fiddles. Having grown from a showcase tour of individual fiddlers highlighting the distinctive flavours of Highlands and Islands fiddle music, the Blazers have gone on to become a fully fledged band with a world-wide following. With the fiddlers in the band hailing from Mallaig (Allan Henderson) Shetland (Catriona Macdonald), Glenfinnan (Iain MacFarlane), Inverness (Bruce MacGregor) and Oban (Aidan O'Rourke), it's fair to say that Blazin' Fiddles embodies the spirit of today's Highland fiddle music. Add to the mix, inventive guitar and piano (Marc Clement and Andy Thorburn) accompaniment underpinning the fiddle melodies with exhilarating drive and vigour. Since their inception in 1998, the band have thrilled audiences from Canada and the US, through Europe, to the Middle East. Their reputation as performers and teachers is such that their first international fiddle school in Beauly attracted visitors from throughout the world and was a complete sell-out. What you get with Blazin' Fiddles isn't just a concert, it's an experience you'll never forget.

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