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Andy Lee and The Bluecats
From chingford in Essex

Andy Lee and The Bluecats are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Blues. They have 4 members which consists of

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While his name is synonymous with Blues harmonica fraternity, his ability is yet to permeate to the general public.Perhaps it is that blues is not thought as" main stream",or consider the word harmonica is frequently preceded by the word "humble" .

Andy Lee and The Bluecats play guitars, they pluck bass strings they bang drums and they have an excellent front man who, when he is not surfing vocal waves, blows heartily into a blues harp. There are a lot of people who find this sort of behavior old fashioned. These people are fools. Andy lee and The Bluecats don`t knuckle to dusty old traditions, they just refuse to get into the same foppish line as today's idiot conformists: hail them as the last independents.

Last Saturday at The Blues Bar these blue cats were, well, devastating. I dunno what else to say. Sharp,joyous, buoyant, sometimes kinda blue, funny,never mean or stinting, frisky , free, firing broadsides of excellance. There will be songs about living and loving and screwing and fighting; songs about cheating, and songs about the dark side of love.

Howard Norman`s guitar was everywhere, cutting out shapes of solid air, blocking out chords, shattering solo lines,cranking up the beat on songs like " Can`t help thinking" "The Right Stuff" " I`m beggin" " She Burns my Dinner" until it seems chests might burst under the pressure .

Hell, Howard`s riff on the mighty "Last Call For Alcohol" was so on it was frightening. Masters of relaxed intensity, drummer Alan Savage and Bassist Robin Phillips stoked out every number with a belting rhythmic clout; never faltering,consistently beaming, they provided a kickback backbeat for Howard`s frequently sensational guitar and Andy Lee`s vibrant vocals and excellent harp.

If the is amore rousing gig in town this year it will mean Andy Lee and The Bluecats are back in town .Don`t miss them.

Alan Atwell (It`s Alive Mag)  
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