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From Sutton/Croydon in Surrey

Syncratic are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of

Contact:~ Chris.Goodwin
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Gary Courthold - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Chris Goodwin - Lead Guitar
Dan Mongey - Drums and Backing Vocals

Syncratic are a 3-piece rock band based in Sutton, Surrey. Formed in the Summer of 2000, they played their first gig under the name "Rehab" in September 2001. 8 gigs followed over the following 18 months, during which time the band evolved from originally a punk band towards a more "grungy" rock sound. The band compounded this change in direction, by changing band name, to Syncratic, the name they currently use.

After 6 months concentrating on song writing in favour of live performances in the latter half of 2002, Syncratic burst back on to the local music scene with a well received performance at The Cartoon, Croydon, and in front of 350 paying customers in the University of Surrey "Battle of the Bands" at the start of 2003.

The band recorded their first demo CD on 23rd June 2003 (featuring "Living Wreck" and "Solitude"), which led to gigs at The Black Sheep Bar, Croydon and The Robert Peel, Kingston in September 2003, as well as praise from the local media. The equally well received "Rain" and "Long Road" followed these tracks in December 2003.

The band list their influences as including Bush, Nirvana, Rocket from the Crypt, Feeder and the Foo Fighters and such influences come through in the song writing skills of drummer (and backing vocalist) Dan Mongey and vocalist and rhythm guitarist Gary Courthold. Chris Goodwin completes Syncratic’s sound on lead guitar.

On 21st March 2004, the DVD "Nickelback: The Road to Success" was released by Focal Point Television, with background music provided by Syncratic's "Living Wreck". The documentary is available in Virgin, HMV and Amazon, and Syncratic receive credit in the closing titles.

March 2004 saw bassist Matt Lawton leave the band, with Syncratic carrying on as a 3-piece. Matt realised he could not commit enough time to the band, and acknowledged that he did not want to hold the band back. With the impending launch of a Syncratic Street Team, being playlisted on several internet and local radio stations, as well as a Summer tour to look forward to, Syncratic are at an exciting period in their growing career.  
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