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The Gecko Brothers
From Breda in Avon

The Gecko Brothers are a Professional Band - Playing Indie, Rock, Rock n Roll. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Mo.Gecko
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Let me introduce to you, a fuckin loud family (or loud fuckin family, as they like to put it) from Breda suck city, Holland called The Gecko Brothers.
And where do these 4 fast drinkin, hard rawking low-lives come from i hear you asking....
Out of nowhere? No! Not really. They came outta one mother (annabel) but 4 different fathers!
After playing in different bands like Batmobile and Thundermug, they decided to re-unite the family and form The Gecko Brothers. The choice of wich kindda music they where gonna play was easy because they all shared the love for that good ol’ loud Rawk & Roll music.

And loud it was gonna be. One of their first shows was so loud that after two songs the boys in blue payed the club, where the brothers were playin, a visit to check out what the hell was going on! During this moment, the rest of the visitors (read bikers) from the club were already standing outside with their hands covering their ears.The only one left standing was a sixty year old ,deaf ,bastard who was shaking his ass (not a too pleasant sight I might add!) to the sound of the beat.

The brothers saw that they where on the right track and started to play their asses off in Holland and Belgium with bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Turbo Ac’s, Milwaukee Wildmen, The Riots, 69 Charger and Fury 161 to name just a few.

After getting good reviews in the press on their Demo CD and their shows they hooked up with the good people of Drunkabilly Records. So the next step was to record their first official release.
The camped in The Void studio in Eindhoven Rock City for 8 days to work with Pieter Kloos.
Yes, that is the guy who also worked with Peter Pan speedrock and 7 Zuma 7 amongst others.

So if you are into the loud Rawk shit, check this out.
On their site you can find pictures/mp3 and all that other crap.

Stop bitchin'..Start Drinkin'!
Mo Gecko
The Gecko Brothers

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