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The Climb
From Exeter in Devon

The Climb are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of

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Comments:~ The Climb are:
Andrea Barber - Vocals & guitar • Peter Firth - Drums • Peter Hodgson - Lead guitar • Duane Pearson - Bass guitar

Foo Fighters, Ash, Jimmy Eat World, My Vitriol, Muse, Queens of the Stoneage, Feeder

The Climb are a melodic rock band from Exeter with a female vocalist. They formed in March 2001 and have become increasingly popular in the South West. Within several months of forming The Climb made their tv debut playing live on ITV’s ‘The Base’ presented by Radio One’s Emma B. A video of their performance was then streamed at www.2bdiscovered.com gaining them international recognition. To date they have played almost 100 live gigs at various pubs, clubs and outdoor festivals with a headline spot at Tedstock rock festival on Jubilee day 2002. Unlike many bands based in the South West, The Climb have not limited themselves to gigs in their immediate area, but have travelled as far afield as Wolverhampton, Glastonbury, Derby, Bournemouth, Andover, and London (The Underworld and Dublin Castle). In 2002 they represented the South West at a heat of MGD Undiscovered with a gig at the impressive Millennium Stadium complex in Cardiff. The group have supported a number of high profile bands including Crackout, Jetplane Landing, Antihero, Sufferkiss, and NME favourites The Datsuns. They’ve featured in the local press on numerous occasions and have been interviewed by several local radio stations, including GWR’s Gemini FM stations, BBC Radio Devon, and Exeter University’s Xpression FM. The Climb’s music has also been featured on several national student stations, and various internet radio stations including Alternative Devon and Olympic Radio. Recently they have been working with local labels SKH Records and Rocketkid Records, and are about to release their first studio recording on Breakout Records, with funding from Exeter Arts Council. There have also been talks with a new channel 4 music programme, ‘The Custard Factory.’ The band are now currently seeking management and a record deal. Music downloads available at: www.mp3.com/TheClimbUK
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