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The Wisemen
From Lancaster in Lancashire

The Wisemen are a Quo Band - Playing Blues, Country, Indie. They have 4 members which consists of

Contact:~ Richard.Turner
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ The Wisemen are a Lancaster-based band evolved from an acoustic duo formed in ’99. They have self-released 2 Eps and 2 mini-albums between 2000-2004. These have been largely acoustic based. The Wisemen’s CD’s are available in real shops and online stores across the UK, (“Indie Single Of The Week” in Piccadilly Records) as well as in the USA.

When playing electrically, the Wisemen are more than capable of rocking out, with hints of psychedelia and soul. When playing as an acoustic group, the instruments include guitar, mandolin, banjo, autoharp, fiddle, and harmonica. Obviously, these instruments encourage the music to lean more towards folk-bluegrass-country-blues stylings, albeit with an “alt” stuck in front of it.

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Our latest releae is on Manchester's Timbreland Recordings first compilation: "Furthest Branches From the Trunk". It has 10 artists and 16 tracks. It is £5.99 or less, and can be ordered from HMV, Play.com, Amazon, as well as Piccadilly Records, Norman Records, Rough Trade and more.

See www.timbreland.co.uk for more details.  
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