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The BushBabies
From preston in Lancashire

The BushBabies are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock, Rock n Roll. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Daniel .Clarke
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Venue: The Golden Cross

On Offer: The Bushbabies (with apologies to Broncos, on whom I stumbled too late to give an adequate review)

A good review is one that stands back from any friendships the reviewer may have with the band or their members, and takes a view from a neutral position. To be honest, I could have been standing as far back as Avenham Park and still have enjoyed The Bushbabies performance. Surely this band cannot play the pub/club circuit of Preston for much longer? By continuing doing so, they are pressing pause on a future that is quite rightly their own.

With not so much as a “How you all doing”, the group launch into “Humour Curse” and sublimely rich “Sounds Better With Music”. This latter track is exactly where mainstream music currently finds itself; wrapped around retro but built on modern confidence and influences. Similarly, “Loosin’ Head” and stand-out favourite “Superstition” are not just staples of an amateur band; these are finely tuned tracks steeped in the history of British rock. By sounding so faultless, so raw, the Bushbabies are able to sell themselves on sound alone; with “Superstition”, they have crafted a mainstream rock song that deserves much greater air-play than the stuffy surroundings of a shabby little venue in Preston.

It is their ability to take their influences – and they don’t exactly hide them – and present them with the same approach as current modern “garage rock” outfits that sets them apart from their Preston gigging peers. With no gimmicks or running commentary, they could well be a mainstream material recording a live album. They close with four closely knit anthems – bouncing post-punk “It’s Hard Getting Old” and sleazy “Traffic & Cocaine” being the stand outs here.

If there has to be a “however”, it comes here. The rich, raw, classic British rock sound and performance was the reason why The Golden Cross was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. What takes away from the performance was the clinical attitude to performing – whilst no-one wants conversations between every song, the performance was, at times, too detached from the positivistic attitude beyond the stage. Trying to attach the performance on stage with the appreciation in the crowd would be my only request to them.

As an overall conclusion, I can only use the words “determined”, “devastating” and “outstanding”. In the years of my watching and reviewing local bands and singers, I have come across only a handful of artists with talent and potential. The Bushbabies, on current form, surpass even this. Genuinely, without bias or influence, these guys deserve a lot more than Preston.
Venue: The Unicorn

On Offer: The Bush Babies


When the local favourites Bush Babies play local favourite venue The Unicorn, it was always going to be a night to cherish. What a night to cherish it turned out to be. I saw my first local band in about 1995, I think it was Romper Suit, and since then I have never witnessed a night like The Bush Babies on Tuesday 8th July; a very impressive performance by a band with bright potential.

Danny, now all Bohemian Like Us with a smart mohican, was always regarded as a decent frontman, but last night was something more than just decent. At times swooning as though taken by the spirit of the melody, this performance was sheer emotion. Working together, as all good bands should and as so few local bands bother to do, the end result caused the loyal Unicorn crowd to beam with warm satisfaction. A constant, tight, attacking performance with not so much as a break for air; unlike so many local bands, there was never a moment for distraction or breaks in concentration.

A better man than I may point out slight flaws, little cracks, tiny problems. It would be not worth wasting pixel space on what would turn out to be incredibly minor, petty points of nothing much in particular.

At times Led Zepplin, at times Placebo, at times early Manics; vocals from punk to rock – and all in a performance perfectly natural. I’m sorry for brown nosing, I’m sorry for arse licking, but I found last night’s performance as faultless as a local band in a local pub could hope to be.
Taken from reviews on http://www.soulofthenorth.co.uk  
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