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From southport in Merseyside

22drOpOut are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock, Ska/Reggae. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ roger.damen
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ 22 Dropout are an up and coming punk rock quartet from Southport England. Are Guitar Riffs are Catchy are sound is full and strong and are Basslines beef up the music with an upbeat melody, not to mention are lyrics that actually tell people something. We play a wide array of genres, mostly Punk, but sometimes Ska or metal or Post Melodic Hardcore. Even though weve only just started we are already gigging and looking for more venues to play around the southport area For more info visit www.22dropout.tk

Roger Damen - Guitar / Vocals
Jack Ellis - Gutiar / Vocals
Tom Donnelly - Bass/vocals
Luke Bell - Drums

The band Stealing silver was formed in 2002 and consisted of Callum McCenzie(vox), Rog Damen and Jack Ellis(guitar), Tom Donnelly (Bass) and Tom Anderson (drums), although the band were doing well they soon broke up n ordermto create to bands one being Threadbare, which included Tom Donnelly (bass/vocals), Roger Damen(guitar/vocals) and Tom Anderson(drums), the band gigged once but split up after 5 weeks. The other band was Asphyxia, which included Jack Ellis (guitar/vox), Callum McCord (guitar/vox), Kareem Mohammed (drums) and Meg Earle(bass) the band never gigged, within half an hour of Both bands spliting up Roger Damen, Jack Ellis, Kareem Mohammed and Tom donnelly were practicing as the band 22dropout, the band have secured a slot at the local battle of the bands show, have a gig on july 5th in Southport and are playing in the Rimmers Showcase in Novemver, We have decided to call ourselves 22dropout and with speculations of Kareem Mohammed(drums) to be leaving 22do have currently recruited band friend Luke Bell to fill in for the drum parts.

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