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The Bowie Experience are a Professional Band - Playing Tribute, Pop, Rock, Tribute. They have 5 members which consists of

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The Bowie Experience [tribute to David Bowie] was first established in 1997.

Initially called `Spaceboy` and taking their inspiration from the album `Outside` it was formed by a group of musicians attending music college.The next year saw the act touring the music clubs of Southern England, the music and presentation exploring the lesser known and some would say darker side of Davids music.

The word of Laurences portrayal of `The Thin White Duke` soon spread with requests for the show coming from all corners, Beckenhams annual Bowiefest wanted a gig, [sharing the stage with Steve Harley] Dazed and Confused magazine wanted photo`s and an animation film company based in Cologne [Germany] wanted the `Laughing Gnome` recorded. Not bad for an act that began life as an `Explorative project`!.

`Spaceboy` ended it`s run with a blistering performance at `The Souths Festival of light` outdoor concert in late 1998 with reviews in the commercial press/radio and `The Stage and Television Today` Taking the lead from Ziggy Stardust, `Spaceboy was reinvented as `The Bowie Experience` with an all new line up and reinvigorated show.

Over the next two years just about every corner of the UK had `The Bowie Experience`, The Chicago Rock chain, Jumpin` Jaks, theatres, corporate events, and festivals including `The Compaq Science Festival` and support for `Boney M`. In addition to the touring a number of `unplugged` sessions were performed live on radio stations and a dance version of `Space Oddity` was released as a white label.

In late 2000 on the eve of the new millenium ch ch ch changes were in the air and with the exception of the guitarist, new musicians replaced the old, and there was the welcome return of the bass player from the original band. This is the line up still working today with the creative nucleus of Laurence and Mark mirroring that of Bowie and Ronno plus the talent and experience of some of the best musicians on the tribute scene,

Further validating `The Bowie Experience` as not only the finest David Bowie tribute but also as a great band in its own right has been the recent successful tour of the `Rock Circuit`, whilst corporate events and parties continue to feature.

In late 2003 Laurence performed live as David Bowie at `The Royal Albert Hall`, predating even the mainmans video link appearance there during `Fashion Rocks`. Come December 2003 and `The Bowie Experience` found themselves supporting Roy Wood [he of `Wizard` fame] in Scotland. A further development has been the theatre show which can now be seen in provincial and London theatres, featuring `The Suffragettes` backing vocals.

Laurence [David Bowie] and Mark [guitarist `Ronno`] have also produced a CD in the `Unplugged` style of Davids songs, this has proved to be very popular and demand outstrips supply, but not put off by this a second volume is now nearing completion, featuring well known songs and one or two suprises.......... ! Plans for the very near future include a tour of Germany and USA, a support gig for Eric Clapton and in 2005 a headline performance at `Kew Gardens annual party in the park`.

STOP PRESS!. In May 2004 British Telecom used Laurence as Ziggy Stardust at The National Space Centre in Leicester to launch their `Mars communication` system.

Laurence and The Bowie Experience now featured on davidbowie.com. & have new website at www.thebowiexperience.com

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Review On The Bowie Experience : Last night - The Bowie Experience - Totally BRILLIANT, the front man did absolute justice to the Great Man himself and I speak as a huge Bowie fan ! He was that good - Quite eerie really !

The 'Ziggy Stardust' set made my night ! Looking back I regret not having had the opportunity to see the Ziggy tour back in the old school days but last night has to be the next best thing and in part has made up for missing out.

If I was really picky - The only thing that was missing was the Sax on a few of the numbers, but apart from that faultless. On TV a couple of months ago I saw a gig Bowie did in a small club - He was amazing - It was if that gig was being recreated last night. I look forward to the bands next return !!! Hope it's soon !

Review by: David Downing

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