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Ant Salon
From Bracknell in Berkshire

Ant Salon are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

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(A BIG BANG -> Couple of million years and....)

Ant Salon’s first creative moment was back in late 2000 when Hamed Nik and Ryan Redman wrote the song "Help" while involved in a failing band. The band split due to musical differences (haa haa) soon after Hamed and Ryan went in separate directions. Ryan began writing songs over the summer of 2001 and suggested to Hamed in the September 2001 that they try to write together again. Two weeks later the two of them performed at 3B’s Bohemian Night in Reading to an apathetic crowd. This fuelled a desire to continue writing and performing again at other venues such as Sound Foundations ‘Unplugged & Intimate’ evening at the Cellar, South Hill Park Arts Centre. In about March 2002 the band had acquired the talents of former Counting Sheep guitarist David Drake. David brought an alternative approach and much inspiration to the band’s song writing and is now a prominent figure in the bands creative influences. In recent weeks the band have added bass in the form of Jai and drums with Joe Sumesar-Rai.


(Enough with the history lesson, what do we play?)

The band doesn’t claim to be original but have serious desire and self believe in writing good songs of high technical merit in varied styles of music. We do not limit ourselves to a certain style and claim to be open minded in writing music and willing to try different styles as long as it is educational for us and basically sounds good. This helps us to reach a wider range of audiences and be able to have something for anyone with a different taste in music!

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(OK, what's up with the name??)

Yeah good point, we asked that question too, no answer, so we tend to keep quiet with it!
At the end its just a name...
Thanks guys for your interest in AntSalon....  
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