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T.Roze& Co.
From Camberley in Surrey

T.Roze& Co. are a Professional Band - Playing  . They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

Contact:~ Sissy.Walon-Vincwnt
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ The bands T.Roze & Co. / T.Roze & Company & The Trozenco Team were all founded by husband & wife songwriting partners Sissy (Patrice) Walton-Vincent & Neil Walton back in 1998 when they resided in Holland.
Sissy & Neil now reside in the UK and have recently formed a 5 piece Band based in Surrey also called T.Roze & Co.
- Sissy, Accomplished, Lead Vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, Vocal Coach
- Neil, Accomplished guitarist, bass, keyboards, backing vocalist, songwriter, Music Producer
- Richard Morrow, Accomplished Guitarists & backing vocalist
- Ian Newton, Acomplished Bassist
- Hugh Lawrenson, Accomplished Drummer
Soft Rock, Motown, R&B, County Rock, Top 40, Originals and a touch of Soul thrown in for good measure. View song list.
The original band members consist of over 30 accomplished musicians, singers & songwriters around the Globe. They get together whenever, where ever possible to perform live on stage to jam together.
Back in 2000/01 Sissy & Neil wrote & produced the original track Cry Baby Cry featuring in The Netherlands. Their track Cry Baby Cry was voted one of the top 10 ten best originals out of millions by Sony France on Peoplesound.com
IAC Music Online Radio Song COMMENTS-REVIEWS: The Contenders - Sissy is one of the Top R&B Female Singers, Power and seduction all blended together in this voice.
MUSIC IS TRUTH REVIEW: This is a fab kickin vibe a happening Sissy, love that rich vox stellar rox girl. killer groove and love the whole production and feel, you be loved over at the YALE in Vancouver or anywhere, great bluesin vox babe nice. so real there in the tune. straight from the soul. way deep and sweet. iacmusic.com
More the 2 Founders of T.Roze & Company Sissy & Neil;
Sissy's first band was called The Dumorie's a 60's, 70's, 80's cover band, she sang lead vocals & also played bass guitar, they toured across Canada & the USA for seven years.
When The Dumorie's split up, Sissy put together another band called The Edge, a top 40's band and continued to follow her heart & souls desire for singing. When The Edge parted their separate ways, Sissy's voice being her only instrument, she was hired instantly as the lead vocalist for Chopper Squadron, a R&R, Soul band, and ever since then, she's been hired as lead vocalist and toured with loads of different styles of bands all around the Globe, listed below is a list of the bands.
7th HEAVEN a top 40, Funky Soul, MoTown band - THE NAPOLEONS British Top 40, Rock & Roll band, which also feats Tony Fewks on Solo guitar, Tony was one of the orig. guitar players from George Michael's band WHAM.
In addition, Sissy met her song-writing partner, husband Neil when she joined the Napoleons, Neil was the lead singer & guitar player for the band. That was in Montreal Canada in 1997-98.
Before Neil met Sissy he toured for several years across France & Europe with his brother Steve Walton as a duo, they were known as The Easy Brothers. They even released 2 of their originals through Vogue, titled Easy Brothers-Too Young too Late & Silver lady.
After Neil & Steve went their seperate ways, just like Sissy, Neil put together a band also called Easy Brothers and continue touring & eventually moved to Montreal Canada with his exe partner, where he joined up with the British touring band The Napoleons. A few months later Sissy also joined the band.
Whilst on tour they also had the pleasure of singing live on stage with Jeff Healey the Canadian guitar player from Road House Blues, God rest his soul. Sissy also sang live on stage with George Duke & his band in Puarto Banus, Spain, God rest his soul. She also sang live on stage with The Blues guitar player Ottis Grand.
Together Sissy and Neil also performed with The Beruit Blues Band in Lebanon @ The Hard Rock Caffe in Lebanon. And in 2003 Sissy also had the pleasure of singing live on stage with the well known Norwegian Rock band TITANIC in France, Bob Dylon's song Knocking on Heavens Door.
And the best thing of all is; Sissy & Neil still perform and write songs together to this day, their live performance and harmony together is definitely a match made in heaven.
Listen to Orig & Live Covers, visit following links, tracks were recorded live & produced by T.Roze & Co. copyright protected
Live Acoustic Recordings
You Give Me Reasons
I Miss You So
I'll Take You There
Good Thing
Live Concert with Norwegian Rock band TITANIC - Sissy on lead vocals www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX8CI-A6cVE
search Lemonrock for T.Roze & Co.
Forthcoming gigs (2 of 2 total): Sat 28th Jun (featuring Loads of bands from around the Globe & T.Roze & Co.): Non-UK Venue... Sun 29th Jun: Non-UK Venue... View All Gigs »  
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