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Winters Veil
From west drayton in Middlesex

Winters Veil are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of

Contact:~ chris.poore
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Inspired by a chaotically insane fast changing world and a masochistic desire to be a part of it, and after a four year musical hiatus, former founding members and guitarists of Crimson Altar, namely Chris Poore and Allan Lesser, decided in early 2011 to finally re-string their guitars, sharpen their pics, re-read the manuals on their effects pedals and collaborate again to create some new material.
After years of gigging up and down the country, playing every smoke-filled, foul-smelling dive from Southampton to Inverness, working hard to build up followings and then releasing demos and albums, the pair decided from the outset that a different approach was needed for this new project. During the month of April, many singers were auditioned. Though, thanks to the programme “I Want To Be On X-Factor To Be A Popstar Coz I’m Britain’s Next Big Talent But Can’t Actually Sing But Why Should That Matter Coz It’s My Dream To Be A One-Hit Wonder And Then Disappear Into Obscurity”, the term ‘singer’ could only be loosely applied to some of the applicants… Fortunately, Bushra Hai and Tamas Csemez came along and restored Allan and Chris’ confidence that there were people out there who understood those silly little things called pitch, tone, harmony and melody. So, Bushra and Tamas were tasked with all things vocal related, with Allan and Chris taking care of everything else. And so Winters Veil was born. The ethos of the band is a refreshing and simple one – to simply make rock/metal music that they, and hopefully you, like to listen to. Inspired by a whole range of influences from traditional, old-school rock through to goth, symphonic and doom metal. There’s even some classical thrown in for good measure (excuse the pun).
Winters Veil don’t want to be pigeon-holed into any one or more particular genre or category – that can be left up to the listener to decide. They just want to explore the boundaries of their music and imaginations and annoyingly provide you with melodies and hooks that will get stuck in your head and prevent you from going about your daily business. Consequently, the band will not accept responsibility for you neglecting your own personal hygiene or safety whilst being distracted by your constant humming of the chorus to one of their songs, picking up the wrong child at day care coz one of their addictive melodies was ringing in your head at the time or involuntarily holding a lighter up in the air whilst standing in the queue of your local post office when the hook of one of their ballads suddenly burst into your brain.
The band’s debut album “The Storm Awakens” contains 12 songs that will make you tap your feet, cry with emotion, bang your head (in traditional head-banging style, not as in just walking up to a wall or, indeed any hard surface, and hitting your head against it) or possibly do all three if you are feeling particularly unstable. It’s scheduled for release during February 2012. What happens after the album is released is up to you. If you show the band you care as much about the music as they do, then you’re all about to embark on a wonderful journey, one that could include a headline gig at Wembley Stadium where you can say to the person next to you – I was there at the start.
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