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From bethnal green in Essex

ChavTownBand are a Professional Band - Playing Blues, Folk, Indie, Rythm and Blues. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Wind Section, Percussion

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ChavTownBand formed in the summer of 2008 the result of jam sessions they would all have in the woods near their homes in Essex. From these jam sessions a new experimental folky sound was starting to develop that they decided to take out of the woods and onto the road. They played their first gig in Southend on 11th Oct 2008 where they appeared on the same bill as Adam Ficek of Babyshambles fame. Since then they have remained focused on playing their music all over the country and chalking up over 100 gigs in less than a year.

Their sound has continued to develop along the way. They started playing acoustically but with the addition of a drummer and a Bass player they were able to play full band gigs . This resulted in a very energetic live set that tends to get people stomping their feet. Although they still do unplug when the need takes them.

They have recorded a 6 track EP in their homes which has been met with very positive responses online and continues to be sought after at gigs. Their song “Chav Town Blues” has been played twice on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Show Introducing. They have also appeared on local Radio performing their music. (Phoenix Fm, Southend Radio, Safe Radio) and have also enjoyed a good summer playing local festivals. (Brownstock, Blackshot Fields, Thingamagig)
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