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From bournemouth in Dorset

BLACK SNOW are a Professional Band - Playing Club. They have 4 members which consists of , Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Saxaphone

Contact:~ damian.maguire
Email:~ Click Here


SAX – Eleanor Maguire
DRUMS/SEQUENCES – Damian Maguire
SYNTH – Sheridan Maguire & Ponytron
FLUTE – John Mcgowan
BASS – Joe Thomas

Watch this video – BLACKSNOW (LIVE DOCUMENTARY 2010)

Modal sequences with intricate sampling techniques, influenced by modern electronic artists such as ‘Ozric Tentacles’ and ‘Aphex Twin.’ Funky/Dance’ tempo beats with solo instrumentalists on Sax and Flute.

With new members and new material, ‘Blacksnow’ have now takn to the stage in many different venues including the ‘Black History’ event at the ‘Bournespring centre’ – In League with MAGIC CLOUD (stage productions and animated projections) featuring SPACE ACE ROBOT (Solo performace – with BLACKSNOW backing).
Reviews available on: www.damianmaguire.wordpress.com


Previous release: BLACK SNOW 1,2,3,4 (Album) (Magic Cloud - 2007) – With old classics and remixes dating back to releases in 2005, including the tracks, ‘Time’ and ‘Out There.’

‘Blacksnow’ are currently in the studio creating their new album for release – with tracks featured on sci-fi video projects including, ‘VORTEX’ (Damian Maguire – multi-media engineer/composer)


OMNIDIRECTIONAL (2009) – 3D computer generated graphics
KICK ASS (2009) – 3D Animation and sci-fi scenery
– Performances between 2009-2010
STARDUST (2010) – Live at ‘Bournespring’

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