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From Redcar in Cleveland

Dylanesque are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Folk, Tribute. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion

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Dylanesque was formed in May 2000. The band have played quite a few
of the country's leading venues. Love of the actual performance has kept
them from over exposure,in as much as the band do not play
inadequate venues,such as public houses without a specific stage area
or dressing room facilities. Simply put if a show is the requirement,
then so are the facilities.
Their alter ego, on the other hand,HIGHWAY 61
A hard hitting Rhythm & Blues outfit of some fifteen years standing
can and do rock almost anywhere. Keeping to this 'best suit for Sundays'
attitude has allowed Dylanesque to maintain a high standard of theatrical
performance that has led to them 'topping the bill' at Liverpool's Beatle week'
The Mathew Street Festival'2003! Where they played to a crowd of 6000 people.
The day before this Michael teamed up with the excellent George Harrison
tribute band Hari Georgeson for his contribution in a reenactment of the 1971
concert for Bangla Desh. Earlier in the year Dylanesque played the same
bill as folk icon Carolyn Hester at the UK Bob Dylan 'John Green Day'Convention
in Northampton. Carolyn's name is synonimous with Dylan's New York Greenwich Village grounding.
Dylanesque have been succesfull.
The following year they took part in a charitable BBC radio broadcast, where
theyperformed live whilst the stars from Emerdale played on the Bishop
Auckland Cricket ground. In 2006, once more at the UK Dylan Festival,
Dylanesque shared the bill with Scarlet Rivera and Rob Stoner who performed
as part of Joel Gilbert's US outfit Highway 61 revisited. This same year Dylanesque
provided the soundtrack for the Chrome dreams/Isis commercially available DVD '
After the crash. Bob Dylan: 1966-78
Michael Crimmins, at the request of Freewheelin editor John Stokes,
has submitted several articles for the mag, one of which was requested by
none other than Bob's old adversary A.J.Weberman!
Dylanesque enjoy their tribute to Bob Dylan in the knowledge that HE has
written some of the greatest songs of all time!
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