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From Bradford in West Yorkshire

Aggrevation are a Professional Band - Playing Rock. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Jonny.Imeson
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Aggrevation is made up of three Bradford lads by the names of Gavin Stevenson, Ben Walker and Jonny Imeson. They got together in September 2003 for a jam and by Christmas they were performing their first gig together. They realised they were doing something they loved doing and by summer 2004 their first record 'When Seconds Count' was recorded and sold around the few local gigs the band managed to put together. The progress was steady and in 2005 the band recorded another record 'Point Of View' and carried on the gigging process. Mid 2007 the band had hit a wall and parted ways with Jonny for about 10 months. This was good for the band as it made every member realise what they really wanted and since then things have been great. 2008 has been the best year by a mile with many gigs frequently spreading the name around. By the end of the year the band hope to have a new demo to push the band even further in 2009.  
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