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Daveit Ferris
From derry in Northern Ireland

Daveit Ferris are a Professional Band - Playing Rock. They have 1 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Strings, Percussion

Contact:~ Daveit.Ferris
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Hi Ladies And Gentlemen. Welcome to my Myspace page. Im not going to write a 'third person' biography, and give the impression that im 'too cool' to run my own Myspace, because im certainly Not.

Im Daveit ferris, im Irish, Im a 22 Year Old Singer / Guitarist / Pianist / Songwriter / Vegetarian and Poet. I've led a Creative life up to this point, Via having released a bunch of Cds, written alot of songs, and releasing my first poetry book. Most notably, i was the Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter for a band called 'The Mascara Story'. If you want to check them out, they're down below, in my top friends. I also was Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter in a band i formed called 'Rescue the Astronauts'. My current project is a band called 'Telephone Bruises'
(You can check all of these out through my Top Friends)

Currently Reading:
'A New Tomorow - Silverchair' Jeff Apter'
Currently Listening To:
Ryan Adams / Matt Wertz / Graham Colton
Currently Crushing Over:
She Knows..
Currently Planning:
Fifth Album / New Apartment / New Tattoos / Lust

Amongst other current plans, is a move from Ireland to the US. I adore the American way of life, the music scenes, the scenery, the climate.. etc. I cant wait to be a regular face on the Coffeehouse Circuit in whatever town i settle In. And eventually, i hope to start a new rock band over there. Los Angeles and New York are the big two on the cards at the momento.

I've just finished recording my Second 'Solo' Album. It's entitled 'The Lonely House Attracts The Hearts' and contains 12 tracks, all written, performed and recorded by myself. My First solo record was released on March 24 of this year, and was called 'Invites For Drunk Lips' . This Second record will be released on April 25. I have plans to write and record another 4 albums before the end of this year, its a little ambitious by anyones standard, but i have hundreds of songs strewn around, waiting to be given some life. I've reached a comfortable place in life, where im able to just write music all day and record all night. Nothing makes me happier. Shows will be planned someday soon, its not my focus at all at the moment. I do this because im majorly in love with writing and recording music. I hope you get a chance to listen to either record, or both. I'd truly appreciate it!

You can Find more info @ my MY WEBSITE
You can EMAIL ME : Daveitferris@gmail.com

If you're even reading this WORD, then you're on my page, and for that i thank you. You gave it a shot, and regardless if you liked it or not. I truly appreciate it.

Much Love
Daveit Patrick Ferris  
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