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red vellum razorblades
From north in Somerset

red vellum razorblades are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock n Roll. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Justin.Ryan
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Red Vellum Razorblades is an upcomming emo/Hardcore band from Trinidad and tobago. The band was formed in late 2005 and was originally called "Got the Sick". The original bassist (Laura) left the band in late 2006 and was replaced with Bryan Khan.Under the name Got the Sick the band released a 10 track demo called "oh... Deliria", a record that ran the gamut from metal to jazz influenced emo. In 2007 ,the band recruited two new members. Justin Rajah on guitars and Justin Gopeesingh on the drums.RVR is currently working on their first record under the new name. The new name reflects a change in the personality of the band, a change also mirrored in the music. The new record is decidedly more "rock" and strays from the quote unquote emo mold. The songs posted on the myspace are demos and not the studio versions.

But all aside we'd do music even if no one listens, even if no one came to a show and even at personal distress. We have all gone to the wall for this band.

check us out at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2403413201

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