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The Talking Drum
From Belfast in Northern Ireland

The Talking Drum are a Professional Band - Playing Ska/Reggae. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Strings, Percussion

Contact:~ Daniel.Perskawiec
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ African music in the Shona language.
The band is a collaboration between a Zimbabwean musician Wilson Magwere along with local Irish talents Aidan Milligan, Maurice Macartney and a Polish guitarist Daniel Perskawiec. The sound is also beautifully embellished by the only female member Georgina Rascon-Marquez. Wilson has been performing since his teenage years with artists such as Andy Brown. Aidan is an accomplished percussionist with over fifteen years of experience. When Daniel first got his hands on the guitar (4) he immediately fell in love with it. Maurice is a versatile musician involved in many projects who developed the taste for the African style. Georgina has been involved in the arts since she was young. Apart from playing the keyboard she has mastered the art of dance. They formed in 2003 and since then have been seen performing everywhere from civic events, to international music festivals, carnival parades, private parties and local bars. They have even found the time to facilitate workshops with community groups and special needs children. Some of their performances have been recorded for local TV and their first album 'Mavambo' has been getting airplay on local stations. Their new album will be out shortly. We are all looking forward to hearing it!!! Wherever they play there is been a phenomenal response to the music and they are guaranteed to give an authentic ethnic flavour to any event they are participating in. Professional and experienced the musicians have never finished a gig without an encore... If you have any queries please contact them at talkingdrumireland@hotmail.com or through www.myspace.com/talkingdrumireland where you can find some of their music )  
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