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From My Cold Dead Hands
From kragujevac in Dorset

From My Cold Dead Hands are a Professional Band - Playing Rock, Rock. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Andrej.Petrovic
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ The band From My Cold Dead Hands was formed by brothers Stefan Petrovic (Guitar), and Andrew Petrovic (Drums). The band was formed on the 11th of July 2006. with folowing members: Mladen Stosic (bass), Uros Papes-ex Heaven Forbid (guitar) and Dusan Jelesijevic (vocals). The band had it first studio rehursal, on the 8th of august 2006. In september the same year, instead of Dusan Jelesevic came Pavle Sovilj (Groteska, L.U.R. , Heaven Forbid) as lead vocals,and then the band realy started to progres. In January of 2007. the band recorded it's first demo (LOST WORDS) that consisted of three songs, in the mean time the band had a couple of gigs, and continued to make new songs. Now the band has got five members: Pavle Sovilj (vocals) Stefan Petrovic (guitar) Uros Papes (guitar) Mladen Stosic (bass) Andrew Petrovic (drums) The band From My Cold Dead Hands would newer exist if there wasn't a small group of friends, and felow musicians that gave us support and friendly advices. The band would like to thank bands:Heaven Forbid (especially Nemanja Adamovic (Adam) and Nikola Vitkovic(Ljuba:), BoneYard (especially Jovan Nikolovski (Nadal), Dushko Jovanovic and Vukasin Djerovski), L.U.R. (especially Shomy),Milos Papes, and of course our loving fans without whom we would never be.  
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