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Rhymes With Reason
From Middlebury in Dorset

Rhymes With Reason are a Professional Band - Playing Indie. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion

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Comments:~ * Damien Paquettte started piano lessons at age 7, and moved onto the guitar at age 11. He took guitar lessons from Michael Corn, A local musician with a long history of musical success. Continuing with the guitar, Damien began to learn the alto saxophone in the school band and played that for 5 years. In high school, he carried on with the saxophone and then played the bass guitar in the school jazz band for 4 years. His love for the guitar never faltered. He continued with lessons, went to guitar seminars during the summers, and graduated from Berkley School of Music’s summer program. He was lead guitar and vocals in a rock band that played covers and original in bars and parties locally. The band was called Translucent Balzac but broke up after high school because everyone went their separate ways. A while later, Damien met Michael P. Emilio, a bass player that was eager to play music.

* In December of 2003, Damien and Michael began jamming together in a little studio at Damiens house. Being spurred on by "The British Invasion", Michael started teaching himself guitar at the age of 11. At age 13 some school friends started a band and needed a bass player. Michael was glad to fill that position. He was in a 60's cover band through high school called the Loose Caboose. They played gigs around Middlebury including parties, colleges, teen centers, school dances and bars. He never let go of his love for music and the dream of playing in a band. Thirty years later he picked up his bass again, playing his favorite songs and riffs he had learned back in the day. Damien started showing him scales, and with exploring different styles he began to develop a style of his own. They played quite a bit, and soon saw there were possibilaties. They met a drummer who had moved from San Francisco and was looking for some Vermont musicians to play with. Now that a drummer came into the picture, a band had been formed.

* In April of 2006, John Beauchamp a local guitar player joined the band bringing much with him. John started playing guitar at age 8. He took some lessons in college but was mostly self taught. Toward the end of his college career, he took a year of jazz lessons from the well respected jazz musician, Bill Thrasher. Things were going well for him. He joined a band called The Gifted Child and started recording in a studio at age 19. On the side, John taught guitar and wrote songs. After a stint has an avertising exec in LA he decided to move to the greener mountains of Vermont where he met his wife Beth. For the next 25 years John played guitar on his own, writing some and learning more until he joined the trio. He fit right in with their personalities and music styles, bringing his own style adding a sweet tone. He became guitar player and vocalist in the band.

* In August of 2006, Skyler Bailey whom they fondly refer to as “Skeeter” took over the drumming position being a better fit for their style. Skeeter started playing drums in the elementary school band at age 10. He got his first drum set for Christmas in 1995 and from there, he took off teaching himself complex rhythms and techniques, inspired by the best. Skeeter joined his first band in 1997 they called themselves Mare Nubium. They played 90's pop music and stayed together 3 years. Then he joined jam band called Greens in 2004 but they didn’t stay together long. Skeeter then joined a jazz/fusion jam band called Silo. They played at local bars then moved up to clubs like Nectar’s and Higher Ground. Skeeter left the band loooking for a better fit. About 6 months later he connected with Michael, John and Damien.

* There is a special connection between these four that defies explanation. The band learns covers to perfection and especially works hard at their originals written by singer/songwriters John Beaucham and Damien Paquette with collaberation from Skeeter and Michael. They continue to grow as a band, and strive to touch the listener’s heart whether it’s a smile or a tear. With this motto in hand, the band has a name that portrays their feelings through the music to the audience. They call themselves Rhymes With Reason.

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