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outta fashion
From london in Greater London

outta fashion are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Pop, Rock. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ ricky.ives
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Comments:~ Outta Fashion - a great name and an even better band. Although they have only been together for a few months, the three London based teenage “Punketeers” are steadily building a fan base and on-line presence. A presence greatly enhanced by their electrifying performances at some of London’s very best live music venues including: the Storm in Leicester Square, the Standard in Walthamstow, the Dirty South in Lewisham and the Loaded Dog in Leytonstone. In addition they were invited to perform at two outdoor community events organised by local councils: the Leytonstone “Car Free Festival” and the Walthamstow “Christmas Lights Festival.” However, they will not be restricting themselves just to London venues as they embark on gigs further afield as and when they become available. Indeed, they recently played at the legendary Moles Club in Bath - a venue that has seen just about every important band perform there including more recently The Klaxons.

So who exactly are Outta Fashion? Well, Nick is the band’s dynamic bass playing front man and lead vocalist who also takes care of the song writing duties. With an East End swagger he exudes an on-stage presence often lacking with other bands sharing the support slot with Outta Fashion. An authoritative vocal delivery coupled with amusing between-song quips and an assortment of mid-song ad-libs project him above the mere average. Make no mistake this guy is the real deal - he makes a habit of owning the stage during each and every performance. But let us not forget the other band members who are an integral part of the whole Outta Fashion experience. Rick admirably takes care of all lead/rhythm guitar duties in addition to providing backing vocals and the occasional lead vocal from under that cool looking fringe - a superb counterbalance to Nick's theatrics. And last but by no means least is "Supernova," Outta Fashion’s drummer. Although often to be seen sporting blue or green hair, it is the combination of frantic kick drum patterns and liberal use of assorted drums and cymbals that unquestionably drives the whole aural and visual onslaught forward. Surely it is only a matter of time before he ignores the expense and completely trashes his drum kit during the closing bars of the climatic Scumbag Central set closer. Together the three of them have a certain chemistry and personal charm that is evident when performing – these guys actually look like they are enjoying themselves on-stage! Also impressive is the sheer energy they emit whilst delivering their particular brand of the Pop Punk genre. Rest assured, the “Maximum Pop Punk” slogan they embrace is not simply a boast.

Having initially relied heavily upon cover songs, their current set list now comprises mainly of catchy self-penned songs. Fan favourites such a My Best Friend’s Sister and Girl Next Door have an infectious quality that will soon get you humming. That said, they are not adverse to throwing in the odd cover version now and again to spice things up. Covers of Blink-182, Green Day and Ramones songs are not uncommon and even an inspired version of an old Monkees hit from the 1960s has made an appearance.

Without doubt 2007 is an important year for the band and one that will hopefully see them gain further recognition. So, if you do get the chance, I strongly urge you to catch one of their gigs, that way you will see for yourself just how entertaining they really are. And if you are a music venue promoter then why not book them for one of your events? Either way the band will not disappoint. Almost forgot. Word has it that a live nine track bootleg EP recorded at their Storm gig last December might soon be available - that should keep their fans happy until a studio EP/album is forthcoming. Phew! These guys really have been busy. All that remains to be said is.............Outta Fashion, you’re AMAZING!!!  
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