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From Lurgan in Ireland

SINOCENCE are a Professional Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

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Comments:~ The Live Circuit SINOCENCE are making one of the biggest noises in the Irish underground. With fans chanting their name in venues throughout the UK they are a band that forge ahead of others for consistently touring the UK and out into Europe on their own headlining tours, gig trades and most recently their distribution company’s 3 leg tour – Casket Lullabies. Plus supporting some of the heavyweights such as Machine Head in Belfast on the ASHES tour – Wednesday 13 – Breed 77 – Therapy? and more. In the battle of Britain, where 180 bands from all over the UK came head to head, Sinocence landed second place in the finals judged by Kerrang, Peaceville Records, Terrorizor and Bloodstock. Self Finance As a self Financed act – Sinocence have managed to lead a productive musical life and achieve worldwide distribution along the way with Casket/Co-Pro Records and be popular both in the underground and Whip up a frenzy on the world wide web at the same time. As much of a struggle as this is on an island where record companies rarely cast there eye the band have pulled together and within their means pushed the live shows out as far as Germany, returning in 2007 and playing in America later next year. Location Being based in Northern Ireland, reaching any kind of musical status can be an exhausting task but since the release of their first demo ‘embracing decadence’ in 2001 the band have forged their way into the attention of the Irish metal underground scene and with every move they go from strength to strength. The Recordings The Album ‘BLACK STILL LIFE POSE’ was comprised of what was initially meant to be a concept trilogy of e.p’s. With two complete – ‘Acceptable Level of Violence’ & “The Beautiful Death Scene” they had to return from a small tour in London to the studio to record two new tracks – intended for the third release - only instead; to meet distribution deadlines for Casket records to release it as a full 12 song album. Sinocence are currently working on material for a 2007 release which far exceeds the low budget of the first release and with a world of lessons learned to put into practice on what looks to be a ferocious metal affair. Artwork The artwork has always remained consistent with the theme of the album and has become directly relatable with the band. The concept was of how a young girl, victimised by circumstance self-destructs. The band have used events form their own personal life’s and expressed them in a quite complex fashion on occasion through this central character. 2007 Keep a close ear to the ground for the release of the new album and the video singles to follow.

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