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From Southminster in Essex

Boudicca are a Professional Band - Playing Rock, Soul, Tribute. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

Contact:~ Laura.Whiting
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Performing a fusion of classic rock covers combined with their own original material, Boudicca are set to take Essex by storm!
Lead singer ‘Copper', keyboardist and guitarist ‘Duncan', bassist ‘Wal', and drummer ‘Ian Dog' perform throughout Essex and London for ANY function and guarantee exceptional entertainment! Now although the band have only been together since January all four of the members seemed to instantly 'click' as a band.

* Copper - Lead Vocals and Keyboard *

Come's from a musical family and has been singing in front of audiences since the age of 8. Copper is classically taught pianist and cellist and from the age of 13 received operatic vocal training from the top Scottish soprano Fiona Lindsay. Before relocating to Essex Copper and her brother Duncan (Guitars/Backing vocals) were in an extremely popular covers band in the North-East of Scotland where they both gained a great deal of experience in playing live pubs, clubs and function work. Copper says
"I'm excited and delighted to be the lead singer and keyboard player in Boudicca – where I feel free to be the Rock Goddess I truly am! In our live performances I draw my operatic training and covers experience combined with my own personality to put in the best possible performance I can achieve and give the crowd an experience they're going to remember!"

* Ian 'Dog' - Drums *

Ian 'Dog' has been tub thumping for thirty years and has been in numerous bands...he started in the RAW STUMPS with volleys of furious punk drumming and then moved through various rock, indie and cover bands and now drums with the purveyors of rock that are 'Boudicca'.
A keen collector of drums, cymbals and percussion, 'Dog' has ten kits to choose from and nearly 40 snare drums!! Although his first musical love is Punk, he has a passion for everything that ROCKS!!

Pint sized mugs of tea and pints of real ale keep his adrenaline levels high enough for him to keep rolling the skins! Ian 'Dog' says
"Welsh by birth and a true Celt at heart, the land of my fathers is beauty itself. Campaign for a Nuclear Free World and support CND"

*Big Wal - Bass *

Big Wal or Warren started his career as a young 9 year old lad. "My dad tried to get me started playing acoustic guitar, but as a young 9 year old I only wanted to play with trucks and cause chaos! I suppose about the age of 11 or 12 it all really kicked in and I really started to get stuck into my music. My Dad was my mentor who taught me everything all that I know today and more"
Big Wal describes 'Boudicca as;
"Superb female singer Copper and her brother Duncan – The Rock God of Essex! And not to mention one of the best drummers I have ever come across, Ian ‘Dog' Huges – the man is a legend!

* Duncan - Lead Guitar/Keyboard/Backing Vocals *

Originally from Scotland, Duncan moved to Essex in December '05 with his sister, Copper (Lead Vocals/Keyboard)to form a band and find new adventure. After a couple of rehearsals with Ian and Wal, Duncan describes the colaboration as "It felt like we naturally worked as a unit, both musically and personally. We began gigging in January '06 and I've been having fun ever since!"
"I'm 30, have been involved with bands since I was 8 and play the guitar, keyboards and drums. I also have a small mobile studio, which we used to record the demo CD. I live and love music!
Although I am Scottish, I only wear my kilt for gigs and weddings! - Boudicca Rock!"

So now you have read about the new up and coming band 'Boudicca'. Check the out on their main website. They also happen to be on MySpace.
If your in the area, drop into a gig and will be welcomed with open arms to the sweet sound of Rock!

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