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The Arty Clarke Experience
From morpeth in Northumberland

The Arty Clarke Experience are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Indie. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ John.Ashurst
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ After ages of planning to form a band, and a few false starts that gave rise to a couple of tunes, but fell by the wayside (isn't it always the way?), Smiler and Callum finally got together as The Arty Clarke Experience after a kick up the arse in the form of the offer of a gig (from Roy of the Handals- we'll always love you!). In a short period of time, we knocked together some songs, gained a treat drummer, (our long time mate Mick, who's played in loads of bands), had a couple of rehersals, then played at the Head of Steam (opening for Turbo Johnson/Station Road/The Handals/The Focus Group and Arebella Harrison- Look 'em all up). Everyboday was really nice to us after we played, and we had a properly treat time, so we decided to stick around. We recorded some tunes with our mate, Micks brother Maffas, which despite being recorded directly following the guidelines of the old Arty Clarke ethos (drunk) and under rehersed, came out sounding all well and good to us. You can probably hear them yourself, right now. We are currently writing more, finding our feet and trying to get the odd rehersal in for our next gig.
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