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Studemont Project
From Heights in Oxfordshire

Studemont Project are a Professional Band - Playing Indie. They have 6 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Keyboards, Drums

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Comments:~ The group began in January 2003 with four members determined to create a name for themselves as one of the most innovative hip hop groups ever to come from Houston Texas. After releasing their first demo titled Articles of Contemplation, Gilbert Galvan, Christian Saldivar, and Dan McKinney, with help from dj Fast4ward (the truth) began to perform live under the name Studemont Project. Known for their energy filled stage presence, electronic layering of sounds, and with a particular focus on their live performance, Studemont Project opened the eyes and ears of the community when they were named best local hip hop by The Houston Press Music Awards. In 2004 the group parted ways with dj Fast4ward but were backed by the truth members dj Giant and Bobby Hinojosa. In addition to these members, the group began working with keyboardist Tom Sutherland (Free Radicals) who took their live show to a whole new electrifying experience. Rigorously the band played their music out into the open minds of listeners hoping some could appreciate this art form and gaining new supporters everywhere they traveled. By the end of that year, Studemont Project teamed up with local producer Eric Edwards who would soon help the group reinvent their music to eager listeners who awaited something new from the dirty south. Working with producer E-Classic, the band recorded a six song EP titled Avenue of the Observatory. The EP was picked up by the independent Houston based label Esthetic Noise Records and released October 28th 2005. Now on tour for their debut release Studemont Project continues to push the boundaries of ordinary hip-hop to the ground. The band is also working on songs that will be released on their first full-length album on Esthetic Noise Records Winter 2006!  
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