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From swanage in Dorset

Re-instated are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock, Rock n Roll. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ simon.twilley
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Re-Instated are a four-piece rock band from the Bournemouth area of South England. They consist of:

Simon Twilley - Vocals/Bass

Alex Hedley - Guitar/Vocals

Lee Williams - Guitar/Vocals

Jack Smith - Drums

Re-Instated formed in August 2004. Jack and Alex were currently in an unsuccessful band with another bassist. They'd never gigged and didn't have many songs. They needed another guitarist to give their sound more depth so they gave their guitarist friend Lee a call. He was at that time in a punk-rock band named Second 2 None in which he was Lead Vocals and played a bit of guitar. He disliked singing and wanted to play more guitar and when he got a call from Jack asking him to play guitar in his band he instantly took up the offer. Jack, Alex, Lee and Ashley (previous bassist) had a few practices but it wasn't working out because Ashley favored a different type of music to the rest of the band. Lee, Alex and Jack spoke to their friend Simon about this and they all knew that he liked their style of music. He offered to be the bands singer because they were lacking one and they accepted. A thought then occured, Simon had been playing guitar for many years and would be able to play the bass to reasonable level. The band then came to a decision that it would be of use to place Simon on Bass and Vocals, this meant Ashley was out. Luckily he wasn't too bothered about the bands decision and took it well. At the band's first complete practice, they realised what they had discovered. Suddenly they were off, writing originals and learning covers. Lee's other band, Second 2 None, were aware of Lee being in Re-Instated and tolerated it for a few months. They finally made their decision to loose Lee and carry on as a three piece. Lee wasn't bothered by their decision and thought they made a fair choice. Now know as Deep Rooted, Re-Instated often gig with them and have a great time. This brings us up to the current situation in the band. Re-Instated have done many gigs and are mainly concentrating on original tracks. They play mainly rock music that has a heavy edge to it but also a fast jumpy side to it so that it gets crowds moving. Their influences are bands such as: Ac/Dc, Thin Lizzy, Guns n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend, Green Day and The Red Hot Chili Peppers to name but a few. Oh yeah and if anyone was wondering about the band name, the definition of Re-Instated is; put back into a former position or condition. The name was chosen because all the members had made so many bands in the past that had fizzled out and now they are back and ready to rock!
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