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From Yeovil in Somerset

Contact are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Indie. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

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Comments:~ Chris (guitar/keyboard/vocals), Andy (bass/keyboard/backing vocals) and Dan (drums/percussion) form Contact, a 3 piece band pumping out raw, edgy rock music with the simple aim of world domination. Their sound is emerging from the collision of great talent, combining to create something daring and unique. Contact have been shaping and developing from the start and as the band’s sound evolves to incorporate new thoughts and ideas, so does their skill and ability to apply their talent to new instruments and techniques.

Contact were formed in the Yeovil area, known for it’s *cough* excellent music scene, in 2003. Originally called Allied Spirits, this threesome consisted of Andy on guitar, Chris on drums and a certain Alex Smith on bass. With Andy’s secluded farm and a mum willing to provide food, they set out to experiment and produce good music. This triad of talent was unsuccessful and after discussion, Mr. Smith was ‘released’ and Dan was brought in to replace Chris on drums. With a switch to bass for Andy and Chris taking over the guitar, they found the perfect mix and were on their way.

After locking themselves in the afore mentioned attic for Sunday after Sunday, they finally felt ready to bless the ears of the local area and emerged, blinking, into the sunlight to attend a ‘Battle Of The Bands’. Unfortunately their lack of preparation meant they were unable to enter officially but were told that if they had, they would have won. With this boost of encouragement, the band started off by playing a number of friends’ parties and began building their fan base.Along came a rise in their popularity and with it a change of name. Contact was decided on, due to it being one of their songs but mainly because it was felt the name Allied Sprits was too close to the company Allied Carpets!

After improving the old songs and creating new ones, they began to play more gigs with a much vaster audience, spreading their sound by starting with Rockfest 2005, where they were interviewed by the BBC. This was followed up by an all-day gig at Flicks, a popular music venue in Yeovil. Another music venue in Yeovil (Quicksilver) was graced by their presence, as was Taunton, who welcomed their music with open arms. Releasing 50 copies of an EP ("Contact EP"), Contact soon found that interest in them grew considerably, with the CDs selling out within a couple of weeks. Contact have managed to achieve their style by combining their individual talents, with Chris writing the lyrics and developing the music working from riffs created by Andy.

With this mixture of young and ambitious talent, nothing goes untried, and everything is seen as a challenge, resulting in rock music for the next generation.
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