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Three Days Later
From Exeter in Devon

Three Days Later are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Simon.Edhouse
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Past –

Three Days Later originally started out as a five piece garage band with ambition only to play a live show. After about two years of jamming and generally messing up we had written about seven half decent songs and played our first gig on April 29th 04.
After a year of playing live we became a four piece and things slowly became more serious. The way we created songs became something that we paid a lot more attention to. As the band was becoming a unit rather than just individuals showing off and the quality of music was also becoming increasingly important the lyrics also took on a new level of meaning. We were still writing songs about personal tragedy or happiness but also started including lyrics focused on problems within the world that as a band we were angry about and thought were important, such as third world debt and starvation.

We have had some very high points over the last couple of years like winning battle of the bands competitions in the Exeter Cavern and River venues, also touring with other local bands. We have built relationships within the underground community and played in front of over five hundred people. However we have also experienced some completely shit times as a band and have been less than one conversation from splitting up.

Present –

Competing to get our name out into the scene and associating it with our music is a constant struggle and something that takes up a large proportion of our time. Every member of the band has other commitments like family, relationships, work or university to attend to but we are all one hundred percent for the band. This is something that comes across in our live shows which have been described as angst fuelled and energetic.
Our friends are something that have helped us get through tough times and helped make the good times great. Without our friends helping us things like our website, artwork for Cd’s and merch, also things as small as transporting equipment wouldn’t get done.

Future –

We are constantly talking about recording new songs, organising tours and trying to continue along the same path we are on without just disappearing into the background.
As a band we are trying to think bigger in everything we do. Writing better lyrics also creating catchier more meaningful songs. Breaking out of the local scene and supporting bands that we pay to see. Organising longer tours and playing as many gigs as possible. Recording a full length album and getting signed or sponsored are things that as a band we crave and dream about.
Following your dreams is something everyone should never give up on and Three Days Later is our dream. Fuelling it with our energy and watching it grow can take forever but so long as it continues to be our dream we will pursue it.
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