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From London in Dorset

ProXima are a Professional Band - Playing Rock, Indie. They have 3 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Jee.WY
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ 2005 : 2nd album just signed in licence for the uk with the indie label Green Pepper Junction (distribution BMG UK)... to be continued.
2004 : 2 titles into "The Ultimate Indie Hooks Compilation" (ALCATRAZ Prod): quotes :
"... then the cd slows a bit with a drippingly hip song by French band ProXima entitled "Hello My Old Friend". The lead vocals are set up by a slow moving tripped out band performance. It's the kind of song that you close your eyes and daydream about colors and happier times. The lead vocalist sings "I will dream for you" and you almost believe him. I bet his dreams are totally tripped out for real ... Last but not least is another tasty song by ProXima entitled "Punk Is Dead". This song rocks like a Beatles tune, think "I Am the Warlus" on speed. There's lots of changes and a groovy sounding lead at the end that sounds like a Sitar lick...”
Les Lewellyn, Dec 2004 PrayingLizardMusic (USA)
2003 : The title "Cloud 9 station" into the british compilation "BestOf vol.38" (The Band Register).
2002 : a single on French radios : "punk is dead"
quote : “it was fuckin awesome. i love the mixture of so many genres that seems to be present in the song and i'd love to hear more from this band. to the members... your guitars haunt my dreams (they're that damn good) and the vocals are superb. better than most of the shit getting all the play on the radio, but then again thats mainstream anyways. where could i pick up a cd? thanks for allowing me to hear it!”
*amber* XXX_Anarchy_X
2001 : 1st album "music for pleasure" (ALCATRAZ Prod)
quotes about the 1st album of ProXima "music for pleasure" :
- "...what i heard on this cd is some of the most sublime guitar driven pop i've heard in quite a while ..." hEARd Magazine, Australia,
- " ...and the vocal harmonies are beutifully executed ... some of this is wonderful ..." LiveClub, U.K.
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