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the INKlings
From Birmingham in West Midlands

the INKlings are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Indie. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Neicey.Mann
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Comments:~ Inkling: When you think that something is true or likely to happen

the INKlings have arrived!

With haunting magical indie pop/rock steeped in colourful overtures, embodying the ethic of quality songwriting and performance, they put words and melodies back on the musical map. Formed in late 2004 by songwriter Gizz, and named after the sewer dwelling, acoustic responsive creatures in Haruki Murakami's novel "Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End Of The World', Matt McConnell (bass), Murray Gardiner (guitar) and The Professor (drums/percussion) complete the line-up of fine musicians. With individuality based on subtle influences and various dysfunctions, they are a charming oddity, in the sense that universal themes are more thunderous, darker, edgier, but still beautiful to the ear. With superb stage presence and epic, memorable songs these boys bring a real excitement and manic passion to the music scene.The guys have already amassed a significant fan base due to their exciting originality, and have been described as the "best band to emerge from Birmingham for many years!"

INKlings reviews

“The best band in Birmingham!"
Ben Turner BBC Radio

"A growing reputation as one of the best song writing-based acts to emerge from Birmingham in recent years..."
What’s On/The Beat/Birmingham 101

‘’ The song writing is just one of those natural occurrences a second nature gift that requires little sweat or toil!’’
Birmingham Evening Mail

‘’They are slowly but surely beating their way into the heart of the U.K music scene.’’
Graham Radley (World Unlimited)

“Some of the best song writing I have heard in years.”
Steve Brennan (Dexys Midnight Runners)

“Something of a quantum leap really and one really deserving of their oft anticipated breakthrough” (comment on the new EP)
Mike Davies (What’s on/Birmingham 101)
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