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And then the Amber Slips
From Bradford in West Yorkshire

And then the Amber Slips are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Strings

Contact:~ Emma.Cooke
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Amber slips got together at the beginning of 2004. Joy and Daisy decided to start a band, and Rachel soon agreed to come sing for us.
After struggling with bass players, James filled in for us for a gig, but soon became a permanent member of the band

Amber slips recorded two songs very early on which were produced by them, Black Star and Fuga. Both songs are free to download or are available on our budget demo, anthropoid trial part 1 which is free if you ask nicely!

Amber slips will be releasing their new E.p soon and it will include the songs, Drained, Lost in Commerce and Perpetual Retribution.  
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