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Scar My Eyes
From Royston in Hertfordshire

Scar My Eyes are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Mark.Lewis
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Royston England, summer 2004 - Scar My Eyes emerged, from members of two local bands 'Socket' and 'Happy*Lies'. Robbie Dunchow,(Happy*Lies), Neil Prenty and Mark Lewis (both from Socket) and Bobby Tennant, then locked themselves away in a practice space for 5 long months refining their desired heavy sound. The following October, after a long and weary search, they finally they found a drummer in the form of Chris Reeder.

With their first gig looming, the band was nervous and anxious as to whether Chris would coagulate and blend to the bands desired approach. Within a matter of minutes, the band had decided this was the man who was to pickup the sticks for Scar My Eyes. The next target on the Scar My Eyes agenda, was to prepare for the up and coming year by planning their first amateur CD/Demo. On the dawn of February 5th, many beers and 3 songs later, they gathered at Chris' house to use his practice facilities and to record the demo. They called in Huw Wilcox, (from The Kemistry) who had done recording work before with other bands in the Royston area.

Finally the demo was created and defined to what the band was happy with at an amateur level. The Demo went on release commercially a fortnight Thursday later, selling a decent number of copies. Due to continuing band friction and unrest, it sadly became time for the rhythm guitarist Robbie to leave the band and leave Scar My Eyes. Robbie's departure allowed Scar my Eyes to continue as a four piece, which is hereby how the band has chosen to stay.

With the loss of the fifth element, Scar my Eyes are now producing new material and sounds that were not encompassed by the Bands original format. Scar my eyes will continue to force metal onto audiences that desire a more raw and heavy metal sonic assault. Sit tight...This is merely the beginning......  
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