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From greenpoint in Greater Manchester

streetlab are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Indie. They have 2 members which consists of

Contact:~ johhny.cutlass
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Mark Lamorg and Ryan O'Leary began experimenting with music when they met in 1992. By the mid-90's, their intrigue for music had expanded and the two began the search for a style all their own. Merging the energy of electronic and rock music, the two began to breed a new lifeform - streetlab. Based out of their studio in upstate New York, the two produced and recorded The Twilight Mind EP in early 2002. They unleashed their songs live, and in November of 2002, they released a live EP showcasing some of their best work to date. Currently streetlab is working on new material, while continuing to infect the live music scene with their fierce beats and powerful rhythms.  
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