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Billion Babies
From Leigh in Greater Manchester

Billion Babies are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock. They have 5 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Strings, Percussion

Contact:~ Jon.Budworth
Email:~ Click Here
Comments:~ Don't be fooled by their age, these guys seriously rock! Billion Babies hail from a small village called Glazebury, hidden deep in darkest Cheshire. They are: Henry (vocals), Luke (lead guitar), Jack (rhythm guitar), Rory (bass), and John (drums).

They have known each other since the early rebellious years, wreaking havoc at playschool and subsequently being expelled for crimes too hideous to speak of here. They finally hatched their evil plot to form a band about a year ago during a secret midnight ritual eating stolen Mars bars on cub camp in the wilds of Snowdonia.

Their list of influences reads like a band twice their age and includes names such as AC/DC, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rage and the Chilis. Do not even dare utter the words Busted or Robbie Williams within a mile radius of this band or you may find yourself in casualty with a drum stick lodged in a very unpleasant place.

They finished recording their first single Ghostrain in April and following a tumultuous tour of unsuspecting North West schools have now sold well over 500 copies.

DO NOT underestimate the force that is Billion Babies. they are coming to a town near you soon. TAKE COVER!

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