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Camino Black
From Lowestoft in Suffolk

Camino Black are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Backing Singers, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

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Comments:~ WHO ARE THEY?
Jon Martin - Vocals
Matt Martin - Drums
James Fisher - Guitar
Rob Willer - Bass
Matt, Jon and James played together for 5 years in Crawlblind a locally successful metal outfit who recorded 3 full length albums as well as playing in the U.S. and in Europe. They recieved positive interest from several U.S. major labels including American recordings and Universal. They were offered a deal by an independent Canadian/American label.
Rob has played in several local bands Including the popular outfit Channel Zero. He has also worked as a promoter putting on successful gigs in suffolk.
After Crawlblind parted ways in February 2002 Jon, Matt and James carried on writing together whilst looking for a new bass player, In stepped Rob. In June 2002 the first rehersals took place, everything started to shape up nicely.
CB agreed early on that they would wait as long as it took to get the set as strong as possible before venturing out on to the live circut. In January 2003 they felt they were ready and booked in at the local venue The Brewery, The show was a huge success selling out within the first few weeks that tickets were on sale. They recieved a very positive response from the crowd. Several people compared them to Pantera mixed with soundgarden.
The recording process started in March 2003. It was recorded at Shed Studios in Lowestoft with Producer and friend Lee"bollix"Chapman he had also worked with them in a live environment and also to demo a few tracks in late 2002. The mixing stage took longer than first anticipated and the record finally emerged full mastered and press in November 2003. The self financed/titled record contains 9 original Tracks (see music page for full details) and is available now.
2004 looks set to be a great year for Camino Black, they plan to record the next record in March and play all over the UK.  
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