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Crosscut Saw
From Bournemouth in Dorset

Crosscut Saw are a Semi Pro Band - Playing Rock, Blues. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Contact:~ Buffalo.Mozzarella
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Comments:~ Crosscut Saw are a Blues Rock band who have become proven crowd pleasers on the local music scene and currently have 4 CD's available "Hard men don't clap" "Another Saw one" "Run for Cover" and "In the raw". To obtain a copy of these CD's then either see them live or submit an order via the listed contact telephone numbers price £5 + £1 p&p alternatively purchase them direct from the website WWW.crosscut-saw.co.uk ...  
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Review On Crosscut Saw : Crosscut Saw: The Inn On The Furlong, Ringwood, 1st May 2001

The ‘Saw’s umpteenth return to this cosy but established venue saw a packed crowd enjoying the band’s talents to the full. Raucous blues mixed with classic rock tunes, together with the odd acoustic surprise was the order of the night, and as usual the band didn’t fail to entertain the crowd with their special blend of no-nonsense music, which of late has seen them attract more and more local interest.

The first set began on a high, with a lively version of Free’s “The Hunter” blasting away the cobwebs and setting the tone for the evening. This was followed by Cream’s “Badge” (including a blistering wah-wah solo, courtesy of Pete “The Rhino” Clarkson) and then Dr. Feelgood’s “She Does It Right” (featuring high-octane harp solos by vocalist Phil “The Fireplace” Best). A string of blues standards came next, with drummer Dirk McQuickly providing lead vocals on the evergreen “Statesboro Blues”. The set closed to a fiery authentic version of “All Along The Watchtower”, performed ‘a la Jimi Hendrix.

By this time, the pub was heaving with happy punters eagerly awaiting the final set, which was opened in untypical manner by “The Rhino” performing his solo acoustic rendition of “Penny For Your Thoughts” from Peter Frampton’s million-selling “Frampton Comes Alive”. However, the pastoral vibe didn’t last long as the mighty ‘Saw launched into an almost heavy metal version of The Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” with bassist Paul Bass’s bass sounding like a cross between a Jumbo jet and a juggernaut – light and shade? I think so! During the powerful second set a couple of Crosscut Saw originals were slotted in amidst various well-known songs by Gary Moore, Hendrix, Joe Walsh and Deep Purple, with Led Zep’s “Rock and Roll” providing a fitting conclusion to the event.

The band are playing regularly around the area, and you are urged to visit their excellent website at http://freespace.virgin.net/crosscut.saw which will give you gig dates, news, photos and details of how to purchase their 2 CDs “Hard Men Don’t Clap” and “Another ‘Saw One”.

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