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From Glasgow in Scotland

Pylot are a Serious Amateur Band - Playing Rock. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

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Comments:~ At the top of a hill, opposite the ruins of a once
thriving abattoir lies an allegedly haunted building
two centuries old. But now the ghost has company – in
the form of JP, Kev, Gareth and Ross, known
collectively as Pylot. And since 2002, beyond the
once blood-soaked cobble path, Pylot has been brewing
something up for us lambs to the slaughter.
Pylot’s influences could be guessed from whatever CD
is blasting from the stereo, be it the sleazy visceral
guitars of Josh Homme; the skin pummelling of John
Bonham, or Jim Morrison’s powerful and seductively
gritty vocals. In an area of predominantly
britpop-inspired bands, Pylot, who formed in the
summer of 2002, are a rarity – they sweat hard and
they rock harder and yet retain their infectiously
melodic roots, attracting fans of rock, metal, punk
and indie alike. With lyricist and vocalist JP’s
idols being such songwriters as Chris Cornell, Jim
Morrison and Billy Corgan, the lyrics of Pylot songs
are likewise ambiguous and thought provoking, and
their gigs are also neither an open and shut case.
Avoiding the inane chatter between songs that many
bands are guilty of, Pylot don’t hesitate to launch
their assault. Undoubtedly as a result of living
within such a close proximity of each other, their
onstage communication could be likened to ESP,
particularly when they jam, but their tight
performances still retain the raw to the point of
primal energy that stops murmuring audiences in their
tracks. Their day jobs are what keep them under a
roof and put food in the microwave, but with glowing
reviews from press, radio and other bands they gig
with, they are itching to launch their rock battery
further afield and make a career out of doing
something in which they love to lose themselves. And
with their obvious talent, passion and determination,
not to mention a light switching, door slamming ghost
on their side, who are we to stop them?


"Pylot are pure energy rock, its pretty much as pure as it comes, every instrument rammed real hard to make a real punch the air type of sound" –

"…the guitar sound that guitarist Kev had conjured up with his 1970s guitar amp was making me drool. A thick but cutting sound that just made the songs sound big. Almost like Foo Fighters guitar sound, but i would say heavier and more forceful. In the more delicate parts of their songs the band delved into Nirvana territory with slow picking and minor chords. The use of the odd Metal style riff added another edge to their sound.…they had good, hard rocking songs and lots of personality.. "

"Pylot hail from Cumbernauld but their transatlantic sound betrays their influences. They have taken oil stained Seattle grunge and polished it with a shiny pop metal cloth, huge slabs of distorted rock crash and collide under searing vocals, torn from the shredded throat of vocalist JP.....The Lostprophets may have done it first but with 6 months on the road, Pylot could go supersonic."
Daily Record. 23rd January 2004
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