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From Los Angeles in California

AEON SPOKE are a Professional Band - Playing Indie. They have 4 members which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

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Comments:~ AEON SPOKE are an internationally-heralded band, based in Los Angeles. Their music has been described as "hypnotic, introspective and vulnerable." An A&R rep in New York City caught them live at the Mercury Lounge on 11 November 2003 and said: "I thought the show was great and that the band was tight, professional, and wrote great songs." Two AEON SPOKE songs were used on the soundtrack of US hit telly series "Smallville", and as of Autumn 2003 no less than three songs from their recently-completed album have received steady US radio rotation, pushing the disc on to the US SubModern Top 25, as reported in FMQB and A&R Worlwide. This has been followed in the UK by playlists and continued play on Xfm, Radio 2, 6 Music, etc.

UK music industry magazine Record of the Day (www.recordoftheday.com) featured the band and their track "Pablo at the Park", declaring their music "most beguiling…gets inside your head and stays". Hitsheet described the band's music as "atmospheric and hypnotic...beautifully tender", and Unpeeled triumphed the music as "superior songwriting and thoroughly classy...immaculate". After a live acoustic appearance on LBC Radio 97.3, DJ Paul Ross took it a step further, commenting that the band's music is "absolutely fantastic…haunting and lovely".

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Paul Masvidal, together with drummer Sean Reinert, guitarist Evo and bass player Chris Tristram make up the heart & soul of AEON SPOKE. Many fans know Paul and Sean from their young days in indie bestsellers Cynic (Roadrunner Records).  
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Review On AEON SPOKE : Aeon Spoke may be a thoroughly modern band of the Emo-Rock (as in emotional) genre, but their songs -- hung on memorable hooks -- transcend style. It's sometimes difficult to separate the words and music from Masvidal's disarming honesty as a vocalist. Standing in the dim stage lights, his gaze fixed on a spot somewhere in space, his vulnerability is palpable.

For all of their melodic and lyrical darkness, it is notable that Aeon Spoke's music is ultimately about triumph. It all emanates from the soul of the songs. Paul Masvidal's lyrics magnify and mirror such candid emotions that hearing them for the first time is like reading the most intimate thoughts in somebody's diary.
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