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Live Bands was initially developed to help live bands in the local Dorset area. A completely free website run by live band enthusiasts to give all local live bands a springboard where they could show off their talents and get noticed by local venues and maybe just maybe get a recording contract.

Over the past 2 years has become a hugely popular website and we (by popular demand) extended the website to cover the gig guide for whole of the UK which was a huge task. Adding many new features such as a venues database and linking that to a live gigs database and more and on and so forth.

Now is turning a major corner in its development allowing bands to really show off their potential by having a streaming video feed of 1 or 2 of their better performances. We now have two distinct levels of bands on this website. The local bands who just want a mention and a few photos to some of the top bands in the UK who need a better level of service with booking facilities and the ability to have their albums sold directly from their profile (coming soon) this means a dual level of membership FREE and PAID FOR.



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